Product Warranty Registration

Thank you for purchasing the Youdao Dictionary Pen 2 or 3. Please fill up the registration form below with your product serial number to qualify for our warranty programme:

  • We provide 1 year local warranty from the date you receive the product.
  • Warranty does not include wear and tear, scratches, misuse, accidental damage to the product.
  • Please take note that the pen can only be charged using a 5V1A charger or connect to a computer to charge. Please do not use mobile phone’s charger to charge it as the battery may be damaged. We do not cover the warranty for battery issue if it is due to the wrong use of charger that is not of the correct rating.
Warranty Registration
For multiple quantity, please repeat the warranty registration process for each item.
Sample: 2AB1700000701995 / 3B12300000306460
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